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Brands We Love And What They Teach Us

This week the spotlight falls on LL Bean. Ah, LL Bean. Just saying their name brings a smile to our face. Why?

Two reasons. First, every time we call them, an actual person picks up the phone. Usually on the first ring. Usually sporting that pleasant Maine accent. No patronizing, robotic telemarketer voice. Just someone being themselves, helping you find your item. They’ll even tell you about life in Maine if you ask.

The second reason goes back to something Leon L. Bean said, soon after starting his mail order business in 1912. “Your shirt is your receipt.” As guarantees go, can you top that? Not only do they stand behind their product, they trust their customers.

Marketing is everything you do. It’s how your people interact with customers. It’s the color scheme on your trucks. It’s the font you choose for your website.

Get that stuff right, and like LL Bean, you could enjoy the most valuable advertising there is: word of mouth. No $3 million Super Bowl ad needed.

– Alec Lawson