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Brands We Love And What They Teach Us

This week the spotlight falls on LL Bean. Ah, LL Bean. Just saying their name brings a smile to our face. Why?

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Help Haiti With Compassion

All marketing projects that come across the desk are special. Each one holds great expectation and opportunity for impacting culture. But when a client sent me photos yesterday of a logo we designed shown on the side of a pallet being shipped to Haiti, it touched something deeper.

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Promotions: A Tactic Best Served Branded

A word of caution to those who would compete on price alone. Make that two words of caution – Pizza Hut.

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Game Time

Let’s play with some widgets…

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Earth Overbranded

In a recent chat with a gifted copywriter and friend, we admitted something rather embarrassing about this profession we love so much.

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Note to Brands: Tell a Story

Too many marketing efforts worship brand differentiation, plaster gimmicks, and spew top-down Marketing Director trash. Where is honest, good story-telling truth?

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Your Budget is a Lousy Excuse to Compromise

Sometimes the “making of” is just as tasty as the real thing (file that away for a cool concept later).

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Social Media to Open 4 Billion New Locations!

EVERYTOWN: Social Media, the new marketing restaurant at the corner of 3rd and Main, is booming. It is doing so well, that four billion new establishments just like it are planned to launch within the next twenty minutes. It doesn’t matter anymore if you develop an intelligent marketing strategy first, just offer the ingredients every […]

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Heart Marketing: A Tip for Not-for-Profits

The Family Violence Partnership recently released a graphic campaign that addresses the core of their purpose. Emotional marketing will certainly drive awareness, but does the wallet follow the heart?

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Social Networking Is Not the Idea

In a recent meeting with a potential client, we discussed the benefits of building customer loyalty, distinguishing from the competition, the importance of delivering engaging and relevant content and experiences, and the power of customer involvement with the brand. “This is going well…I’ve got this one in the bag,” I thought.

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RPM Blog

Reflections of Persuasive Marketing

Brands live and breathe. Then some die, but we won't go there now. Brands frantically power through implementing the latest marketing concepts and strategies to elevate their impact relevant to the competition. Observing these pursuits can be insightful and entertaining.

This blog is meant to shed light on a sliver of the myriad of campaigns out there—to provide a reflection of the countless creative attempts at marketing persuasion in order to learn, teach, and have some fun.

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