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Your Best Answer to the Specs is “I don’t know”

If you plan your next marketing campaign concept after you develop the media-buy or tactical strategy, you are missing a huge opportunity.

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Spit on Yer Competition—or How ’bout the Whole Industry!

A good ol’ southern bank is doin’ right and gettin’ ‘er done.

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The Best Ideas are Simple Concepts II

This creative from Smart is a beautiful example of how to deliver a brand message with an intriguing, interactive tactic. It is relevant, entertaining, and cost-effective. One of the aspects that make it so engaging is it reinterprets an existing space (remember the AC/DC Excel doc?). As brand marketers, it is a classic blunder to […]

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The Best Ideas are Simple Concepts I

I’ve seen several videos popping up recently that leverage this concept. Great, in my book. But it is a successful solution because it is simple, creative AND emotionally compelling. Blend these elements together and you can elevate your brand while being cost effective.

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The Best Super Bowl Ad, But…

The Best Super Bowl Ad of 2009 (drumroll please)…

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Note to Brands: Prove It Already

Brands love to promise something beyond what they can actually provide. It seems to be this planet’s dominating marketing strategy: “Differentiate with a brand personality, because let’s face it, your product is really just another shoe.”

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Everyone is Convertible—to Your Brand

Great brands who have risen to the heights of social admiration are competition magnets. It is to be expected, we operate in a free market. So Nike battles Adidas, Coke battles Pepsi (a marketing war from which I bear both scars and medals), Toyota battles GM, and Visa battles MasterCard.

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The Case for Ambient Marketing

Ever flip through a magazine and get surprised to come across an ad? How about a newspaper or billboard? Maybe a banner ad, then?

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Turn Fear into Creativity for 2009

You’re closing out 2008. The fiscal year for the business may come to an end in several months, but no doubt there is a mental marketing shift as you approach 2009.

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AKA: The Internet’s Most Passionate Brand

The internet’s most passionate brand isn’t a product. It’s not a shoe, a drink or a band. Rather, it is a dude. That’s right, it is the personality and the brand around Wine Library TV, hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk.

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Reflections of Persuasive Marketing

Brands live and breathe. Then some die, but we won't go there now. Brands frantically power through implementing the latest marketing concepts and strategies to elevate their impact relevant to the competition. Observing these pursuits can be insightful and entertaining.

This blog is meant to shed light on a sliver of the myriad of campaigns out there—to provide a reflection of the countless creative attempts at marketing persuasion in order to learn, teach, and have some fun.

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