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New Site Launched for Haiti Anniversary

One year after Haiti’s devastating earthquake, a new site is launched to help Compassion International spread the positive messages and stories of rebuilding broken lives. Click here to visit the site we’ve just launched and learn more.

January 12, 2010, I got a call that one of our clients, Dan Woolley of Compassion International, was missing after the earthquake rocked Haiti. He was there.

After three days of praying, with Dan trapped under the crumbled Hotel Montana, God granted many grieved loved ones the biggest prayer of their life, and Dan was rescued alive.

Now, one year later, take a look at what’s been accomplished since then. Visit the site, and praise God for the wonderful work that’s been done through Compassion International and many organizations since that dreadful day one year ago.

We are honored to be a part of helping spread good news. Thank you, Compassion.