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Your Budget is a Lousy Excuse to Compromise

Sometimes the “making of” is just as tasty as the real thing (file that away for a cool concept later).

Watch both videos, and fall in love with a simple creative concept with complex, but flawless, execution:



Gorgeous work. But not many have the budget these days for a high-end, East-coast production company.

I’m not suggesting that you go cheap, and I’d certainly never condone the compromise of a great idea. But realize that top talent is available on any budget—you just need to know where they are.

As always, you better start with a killer idea (tap Convertible). We would partner with someone like Stephen Vidano (an entrepreneurial film-maker and creator of TuneSociety), who has a pulse on what’s cool in motion pictures and music, and weaves them together for effective emotional persuasion. Your cost? …about half what it would be in N.Y.

As a marketer, you don’t need to compromise in an unstable economy. Regardless of the budget:

Awesome Strategic Idea + Exceptional Execution = Persuasive Content

– Dave Goldfain