"I wanted to send you heartfelt thanks for the role you played in our event. I realize that sometimes those who work behind the scenes of a campaign or an event never get to see or hear the actual impact of the role they’ve played, whether it be designing marketing collateral, pulling extractions, project management, web design, etc.  So, I wanted you to know the impact you’ve made.  
We had no idea what to expect in terms of attendance, but we were hoping for at least 750 registrants and 500 viewers. Thanks to the part many of you played in preparations for this event, we had approximately 850 registrations and over 525 viewers. And I’m most excited to share that since Monday evening’s event, over $250,000 have been raised, and several meaningful conversations regarding year-end giving have been prompted by the event, as well.
So, just in case you don’t always get to see the final impact of your work, I wanted to pass along these updates along with my deepest gratitude for the role you played in the success of this event!"
— Stephanie, Event Volunteer Program 
"I found all the work that Convertible did for our project to be superb in quality, aligned to all the requirements, on-time delivery, and very flexible to work with. We had challenges with requirements changing significantly but Convertible was able to manage through the changes and even allowed us grace as we reviewed the templates with international teams and sought approvals from front line international employees to VP levels.
We are grateful for the work done by Convertible, which greatly impacted the success of the project — in scope (though scope changed frequently), in budget (as scope changed, addendums to budget stayed in-line), and on time!"
— Patsy Stiff, Senior Process Specialist, Compassion International
"You are incredibly reliable, service-minded, easy to work with it, detailed — and you love Jesus and our ministry! What more could we ask for?"
— Kimberly Willis, Global Program |  Asset Development, Compassion International
"We reached the end of the Campaign, I Protect — Protection Starts at Home, and I would like to thank you with all my heart for your support. I thank you for your patience with my English, and the search for excellence during these months, when we tirelessly seek to produce each piece of this campaign. For me, this experience was unique and I put in this email a small sample of how everything we did reaches the field, to protect our children. Thank you so much for everything, it was an honor for me to work with you and I hope we have other initiatives together."
— Program Support Manager, Compassion Brazil
"The choice was  based on past work experience, knowledge of our brand, and working relationship with other employees.  We chose based on solid foundational knowledge of who we are, how we work, and your quality of work.
Love the help you provide us, as a business client and the flexibility of your service with so many  of our clients being so far away."
— Debbie Rusch, Process Manager and Agile Product Owner SBC, Compassion International
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